Mr & Mrs Hills, Crome Road, Clacton

“Bill and I are both in our eighties and not in perfect health, we used the full packing service and was very impressed with the speed  and care our items were packed. On the day of our removal the staff  took all the stress away by being so helpful to make sure each piece of furniture was placed exactly in the place we  wanted”.


Mr & Mrs Wilkinson, Lime Avenue, Colchester

“We had existing quotes in place and wasn’t looking to get another until our estate agent suggested we should call Michael before finally deciding on who to use. Michael came round and we found him very patient, calming and experienced in chatting with all our concerns unlike the others who just quickly looked around the house and couldn’t wait to leave without asking if we had any questions. We knew we were in good hands”.


Grace, Deanhill Avenue, Clacton

“I couldn’t fault the service, the staff carried out the removal in the friendly, helpful and efficient as Michael explained. We all had a good few laughs and the staff did not make us feel awkward in asking for help with any concerns on the day. A very personal and faultless service all round, I’d be very happy always recommend”.     


Mr & Mrs Penson, Amersham Road, Harrold Hill

“My husband and I were recommended by our purchasing estate agents (Harrts) during our Clacton property viewing when I mentioned how much expensive our local removal companies were charging. I called Michael for a free survey and found his price very reasonable. A great price and great service and would recommend to anyone who’s moving”.

 About Agents Choice Removals 


We are an established company with very experienced individuals specialising in home removals and house clearances.


As a company we are re-known in the area for our attentiveness toward our customers individual requirements. We aim to provide the best service for the best price and that is why the majority of the local estate agents recommend us.


Whether you are moving to or from a property of any distance or size, be assured that we have the expertise to suit your situation.


A truly professional, reliable and caring service at affordable prices.


Why not call us today for a free survey and no obligation quote.

Q. What if I don't have a removal date?


A. Don't worry, when you get to exchanging contracts, call us and we will best accomodate the date you need. All involve within your property chain will be doing the same and a concencus is always acheived.

Q. How heavy should we pack boxes?


A. Just place items into the boxes provided to their capacity and no more. If the packing boxes are too heavy for a single person, then two persons will share the lift to avoid personal injuries and ensuring the safety of your packed items.

Q. Will I have time to clean?


A. We do try to keep to a certain sequence of loading furniture onto vehicles. However, the team are very concious about trying to clear each room before tackling the next. Therefore, you can start cleaning very soon after our arrival.

Q. What do we do with un-wanted furniture?


A. If you wish to get rid of furniture, we are Essex County Council Waste Carrier License Holders. This means your un-wanted items of Furniture will be legally disposed in accordance to recycling regulations.

Q. Our furniture on arrival, what happens?


A. Once arrived at the destination, we will assume furniture taken out of the old house's rooms will go back into the new house's equivalent rooms. We will always wait for instructions for any changes. Usually, all boxes are labeled with it on anyway.

Q. Will my carpets get dirt trodden if it rains?


A. We are very careful and concious of cleanliness, whether at the house we are removing furniture from or the destination house. If weather conditions aren't favourable, floor/carpet protective covers will be applied accordingly.